• Building Project

    We have the building plans approved and drawn up. The fees have been paid, the stamps acquired. The first Phase will be the laying of the foundation. We are waiting as we gather funds for this step, and while we wait small improvements are being made on the existing church building which will become our Sunday School building. We have recently added an awning, and a new porch that is large enough for people to gather and be protected somewhat from the weather if they happen to arrive before the church key does!

  • Evangelization

    We plan to begin a new program this year incorporating free flour and oil to the poorer villages in our region. The plan is to distribute a 10 pound. bag of flour and a 3 liter bottle of oil to each family in these villages who come to our tent meeting and listen to the preaching. We are still in the ‘planning stages’ of this project. Please pray that God provides what we need to minister to these souls.

  • Reformation Education

    We were priveledged this year to be able to visit several schools in our area and give a half hour presentation teaching the high school kids about the Reformation. In addition we handed out candycanes, and English New Testaments. This part of the world knows very little about any kind of church history other than what the Orthodox church wants them to know. They are truly in the dark about the Reformation. Chris was able to present the gospel to them in a very straight, clear manner. Many children and even teachers were asking questions, and we were even asked to come back and tell them more in one school! Special thanks to Brother Cagle and the King James Bible Foundation for providing us and shipping English New Testaments to be given out freely to the children!

  • Odessa Church Plant

    We are currently searching for the area of Odessa that God would have us start a church in. Please pray as this is a vital step. The area, and a building to meet in are especially important for this to be successful.