• Building Project

    Our original plans to build a second floor onto the current building have been changed because the foundation is not strong enough to bear the weight. We are downgrading the project to simply renovate the roof so that our building looks like a church not a house. We are finishing the attic area, which will give us two nice sized rooms, and a very large room for things like youth meetings. Meanwhile, we are praying and discussing options for an addition that will provide a larger auditorium.

  • Sign Board

    The signboard is UP! Every passenger on any train passing through Razdelnia is now treated to a Scripture verse, and meeting times for our services! What a blessing!

  • Evangelization

    We plan to begin a new program this year incorporating free flour and oil to the poorer villages in our region. The plan is to distribute a 10 pound. bag of flour and a 3 liter bottle of oil to each family in these villages who come to our tent meeting and listen to the preaching. We are still in the ‘planning stages’ of this project. Please pray that God provides what we need to minister to these souls.

  • Odessa Church Plant

    We are currently searching for the area of Odessa that God would have us start a church in. Please pray as this is a vital step. The area, and a building to meet in are especially important for this to be successful.