This has been quite a year, hasn’t it? (This is Naomi writing, so don’t hold Chris accountable!) For those who are just checking in, we have been in Ukraine now for 6+ years. We have been very very busy, the kids have been growing (thankfully- it would be a problem if they weren’t) Life has been changing.

Well, if you want to call it that. Over the past 13 years, we have struggled off again and on again with the whole water catastrophe. Basically, our little village gets its water from surrounding towns. Unfortunately, due to corruption, and other issues like money and corruption we have never had a consistent water supply. I’m not talking bad pressure, I’m talking NO WATER, sometimes for days at a time. My amazing ingenious husband over time has installed a water backup that lasts us 3 days fully open, 4 if we are careful. THEN, he created a backup-backup reservoir that can refill our tanks manually if they run dry. THEN we have a further backup tank behind the house… Many times the water is so bad we end up using all of it before the water is turned back on. SO… sometimes I become disgruntled and complain on FaceBook… please be patient with me, I am still a work in progress, and God is STILL good, and always comes through. It is not the end of the world, simply an inconvenience we must deal with to win these people.

Spring hit me hard this year. I have 3 broody hens with full clutches under them, but that isn’t enough for me… oh NO! I have my very own clutch of blue eggs in an old terrarium with a lamp, candles for when the electricity goes out, and a spray bottle for humidity. Today they are tap tap tapping away and tweeting that they are doing their best to come into this world!

Our makeshift incubator, complete with backup candle!

No real reason that they are last on my list… it’s not a priority thing- don’t judge me!

Josh is Doing his thing, Not God’s thing. Please pray for him.

Miriam has graduated from University! Hurrah! She is back in Ukraine with her family, being a HUGE blessing and help in the ministry. She is now 24, and praying about the Lord’s guidance and will in her life.

The “Ben and Sam show” continues to amuse and entertain us. I will never tire of my teenagers. Both have graduated high school, and are currently working to gain online education to help them get a job when we return to the States. They also are working 8 hour days for their Dad helping to keep the homestead in order while he puts his time into Bible Institute and ministry. We couldn’t do it without their help!

The most recent picture we have of Ben (right), Sam (Left), Miriam (Middle Right), and their sweet friend and church member, Vlada (Middle left)!

Christopher is my newest Teenager, and is learning some life lessons about “pecking order”. There is absolutely nothing quite so effective as older, testosterone loaded brothers to keep a young man’s perspective straight!

You can see the “Teenager” just oozing out of him!

Michael is still taller than Christopher. This is a very important fact in both their lives.

Mikey reading his favorite comic “Calvin and Hobbes”

Joseph is working on ALL of his brothers. He wears the coat of many colors, and they often discuss how deep to dig the pit.

He loves the cat…the cat is still undecided in the matter..

God bless you ALL, we love you and are so very thankful you pray for us!

“But speaking the truth in love may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:
Ephesians 4:15