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3. October-December 2016

by Rue Family

Dear Praying Friends and Family,  Rethinking “Too Close For Comfort.” About three months ago we found out that Naomi was expecting another child. We didn’t expect her to be able to carry this one to full term because of the previous miscarriages. We put it in the Lord’s hands and decided that we would announce […]

2. August-September 2016

by Rue Family

  Download Here   Dear Praying Friends and Family,  Amazing Answered Prayer! The Lord has so graciously answered our prayers! There is a great sense of inadequacy when I think of how to properly, with words, give God the praise He deserves and express my own thoughts and emotions. Perhaps a little background would be […]

1. January-February 2016

by Rue Family

Download Here  Dear Praying Friends and Family,  I hope this letter finds you all well in the Lord, rejoicing in His blessings, enjoying His Book, and faithfully serving in His vineyard. We are slowly digging out of a freezing, snowy winter and getting ready for spring. Looking back over the last two months reminds me […]